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Jingoism- a blindfoldedness

“The most intellectual mind has the greater possibility to be corrupted.”

In the era of pandemonium, you can’t ask for peace from blind loggerheads, can’t you? In such chaotic state, one can hear everything but hardly can listen to anyone’s voice. And then I talk, we are here, behaving just like cattle holding our spirit of jingoism of our existence at the height- might be soaring above the head. Maybe your jingoism is not religious- Great Hinduism or Sovereign Islam or something else. Maybe the hoard of your community, you belong to. Maybe, you are crying day and night some political belief, yelling, bragging absolute blindly.
If you feel, it’s your own thought created in your own mind deliberately, but stealthily you have been monitored by somebody else whom probably you never have seen, who might be quite away from your reach.
Hold yourself, before it turns cancerous and defames the sanctity of your mind.
You must be self-reliant, should be trusting your own senses and following the direction your instinct instructs you.
Sometimes I question, is it there with me too?

I’m Not a Rapist.

My masculine impulses, covertly drives
A rapist desire
fleshy Appetite for fleshy devour
As you supposed me
I think
Is not only truth.

A truth, neither you know I can escape
Of Symbiosis existence of us
For procreate
On this enormous Earth.
Approaching closer to you
Is not beastly to prey you
Nor I am drawn by your musk alike fragrance
But compassion
Which rules my conscience
And bears emotions
From embryo to infancy
And further attaining youth
Receiving your cozy love
Makes me A Man.

My sojourn inside you
Makes me realize
‘ I am not a lusty one but a companion.’
I’m turned gentle, tender and generous
Owing you
Your Womanliness.

Thank you- feeling grateful29103242_1701741279918374_293637795811950592_n
Dear love- in many ways.

The catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger


Another engaging classic story, such a crawling reading made me away from Holden’s stream of consciousness narratives. Honestly, I did not understand story completely, sometimes I slipped the page due to missing bookmark, sometimes I took it while sitting somewhere and people called me, and my hectic typing sometime struck my conscience and postponed it further.
As the stream of consciousness genre always remains interesting plot to read for me. However, the much I did understand Holden; he remains such a funny, hypocrite character throughout his narrative. He always believes himself superior of all and calls everyone ‘phony’ that makes him funny. It is story of a young teenage who thinks who knows everything. He always thinks beyond while truth is he behaves just like an iceberg- most part of things he misses because of his exaggerating and excess of egotistic nature. Sometimes I imagine, teaching in class or walking in corridor of the school has presented many more Holden before me. Obviously, I will through it again in anticipating vacation. And his hilarious dialogue can’t stop you without making you laugh like ‘Makes sure you marry someone who laughs at the same things you do’
Next I’m busy with another story sort of Bildungsroman genre, John’s ‘Looking for Alaska’, and most probably I might complete Dickens’ masterpiece “David Copperfield’ which I has left incomplete.



…still I quest you


In the pages of my life

From where we turned

And lost our ways

I retrospect.

Look- we stand still there

At our place

Along with our sinister ego

Having unconscionable HEART


-who should address first

Though we sigh, oft, three magical words

To each other

Long since.